Ray of Light Homes began as a dream over 25 years ago.

After experiencing the emotional, difficult and traumatic process of finding, then placing, a loved one into an affordable nursing home, it became apparent that better alternatives had to be available. Thereafter, witnessing the loneliness, isolation, and level of "care" given inspired the dream that became Ray of Light Homes.


Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to offer dignified, high-quality personal care to our residents in a loving Christian home environment, treating each resident guest as we would our own family members. We will be compassionate and loving in all we do to enhance the quality of life and daily experiences.     

Our commitment is to provide excellent residential care, tailoring our program for emphasis on each resident’s individual needs and preferences, working directly with family, resident’s physicians, and other health care professionals.  

We will strive to accomplish our mission through our commitment to fully meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of each resident while challenging them to the highest level of personal functionality and independence in the tasks of daily living as much as possible.

We will provide the best care, nutrition, exercise and recreation to enhance the lives of our residents in a warm Christ-centered loving environment with caring hearts and helping hands, promoting excellence in all we do. 

We will prioritize building trusting, friendly relationships with each resident and their families, providing an environment where all are valued, dealing honestly in an open and forthright, communicative professional manner.

We will serve gratefully with thankful hearts.


Get in touch

We know, here at Ray of Light Homes, that finding the right assisted living home is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your individual needs and all of the unique accommodations we offer.


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